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We build innovative multiplatform DApps for the digital world.

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We help businesses integrate Web3 strategies, launch digital products, and collaborate with decentralized communities.
We are a Blockchain and Software Development Consultancy.
AWS Flutter Serverless
As Web3 development strategists, we bridge the gap between project roadmaps and strategic development. We align the product objectives to user insights — creating extraordinary product experiences.
Strategic App Development for Generative Companies.
Flutter app development is the best cross-platform framework in the market. One codebase for iOS, Android, and Web decreasing product cost by 40%.
Cross-platform Development
Versatile experience, a record of different technologies used, with a history of innovation and applied engineering sprints — what we do gets results.
Digital Product Strategy
Strategic consulting for DApp companies and for blockchain projects. Scale DApps without the complexity and barrier to market entry.
Web3 DApp Integration

We believe in the bright technological future of blockchain and DApps. And to showcase, we help new technological projects come to life through iterative development sprints.

Case Studies

Ethereum ERC20 Coin
Ethereum ERC20 Coin
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We created a ERC20 coin on Ethereum. Goals of the project was create entire tech part of the project. It includes an Ethereum Smart Contract, website with Web3 wallet integration, and setting up bridges for payment with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We used Solidity to implement coin smart contract on Ethereum, React for frontend, PHP + Node.js on backend, and Web3.js for integration with blockchain.
Ethereum ERC20 Coin
Read Novels App
Fast MVP development from scratch – this book reader app allows users to buy books by chapters which helps deliver better content to customers, increase retention rate and long term value.

Digital books are translated to multiple languages with state of the art Machine Learning Translation technology, Flutter for frontend and AWS Serverless for backend.
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App for reading
App for reading
CMYK Order Chat Bot
Chat bot integration for Telegram helps our client reduce cost on shipping orders and on field engineers management.

It now takes 10 seconds to place an order and has integrations with Fedex, Google Maps and Quickbooks using breakthrough AWS technologies.
The client was happy with the great product and market orders went up 15% the first year.
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CMYK order chat bot
CMYK order chat bot
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