Telegram Bot for the automation of order intake

Telegram tool for wide format printer ink delivery. It will fill out all the documents for the managers, enter the information about the order into the Bitrix24 system and run it in the automation software. The generated order will go to the shipping company.
About the project:
More than 100 chats with customers
in Telegram, which use a bot to place orders
Full order cycle automation
from Telegram shopping cart collection to notification of receipt of payment after it is made in the bank
the team of professionals
python developers, automation software developers, Bitrix24 automation specialists
Active in the market of wide format printing equipment, inks, accessories and service since 2008.
They produce patented UV inks under their LIPLA brand.
Create a Telegram Bot for companies to order UV ink in bulk of the right volume, type and color, and take the task off of managers.
Telegram Bot should be integrated with Bitrix24 services and automation software, be able to draw up documents required for payment and delivery without human assistance. And also send notifications to the warehouse for implementation after payment.
What we did?

INTEGRATION with Bitrix24 and automation software

Thank to this integration bot gets all the necessary data about the client for delivery (company name, address, method of payment, delivery method, etc.), creates an order and automates accounting processes.


A user-friendly dashboard in Telegram, where the customer selects the necessary order items: type of ink, its volume and color and the delivery method.

There is no need to specify TIN of the organization, delivery address and other contact information, because they are already anchored to the client at the level of integration with Bitrix24 and the program for automation.
Video with details

Working group for warehouse staff

A group in Telegram, in which warehouse staff receive notification of a new order, the documents necessary for its collection and delivery, and other additional information for further actions.
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