Product delivery service for prisoners

Доставка продуктов заключенным
About the project:
App, admin panel
and chat bot
Our team implemented all 3 parts of the system from scratch. Cross platform application on Flutter for customers, admin panel to manage orders, customers and employees. And also a chat bot that communicates with deliverers and gives them tasks to do.
All processes are under the laws
Delivery to places of incarceration requires special packaging and many documents for each order. All this is taken into account in the application, and all the necessary documents are automatically generated for each order.
Full compliance with the Personal Data Policy
All users' personal data is stored in full compliance with the law. Our team did the technical part as well as the judicial part. Privacy Policy, Marketing Consent, notification to RKN were prepared and, as a result, the application was added to the registry.
The customer came up with the idea of solving the big problem of delivering food and medicine to prisoners in places of incarceration. To bring this idea to life, we needed a team of professionals and 3 months of hard work, which resulted in the creation of a full-fledged automated system:

Сreate a service that would make it possible to order groceries for people who are incarcerated. In addition to the mobile app, it was necessary to make a back office and a delivery management system.

The challenge:
A whole team of specialists worked on the project: a project manager, a backend programmer who wrote the telegram bot, a frontend programmer in flutter who wrote the mobile application, a frontend programmer in react who wrote the administrative panel, a teamlead and a lawyer for personal data.

Work on the project took 3 months. We were able to implement the following features:

mobile app FOR CUSTOMERS

The variety and prices may be different depending on the regulations of a particular colony and the region where the warehouse is located. The system takes into account all the specificities and shows the customer only the goods available for ordering.

Fast and reliable product search implemented with Elastic Search.

A complicated formula for calculating packaging. Orders to places of incarceration must be bundled in packages weighing up to 1kg and sealed. Packaging is automatically added to the order and shown to the user in an itemized form.
Оплата заказа

admin panel

Access to all information about orders. The entire history of orders with their current status is in the admin. Administrator can see their composition, weight, time of departure, assembly and receipt.

Information about customers is also in the admin interface. Customer's name, email, phone number, order history with all the information mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Tracking the work of employees (couriers and pickers). When an employee takes an order via Teleagram bot, all the information about him automatically appears in the admin panel and becomes available to the administrator (the employee's name, his picture from Telegram, the order he executes, what he has to do and in what time frame).
The administrator has the following features via the control panel for orders and employees:
Административная панель
Bot is the key support of our project - there comes all the information about the incoming orders, their assembling and the daily financial reports.

It evenly distributes orders among the couriers, sends them automatically generated necessary documents. It is also worth noting that the carriers receive only those documents that relate only to the orders they execute.
It was decided to use Telegram groups and Telegram bot as an administrator to manage couriers and pickers. This allowed to significantly decrease the cost and not to make a separate application for deliverers and pickers.


Управление с помощью телеграм бота
Телеграм бот
We prepared a report to the Federal Control Authority, and our customer was successfully added to the registry of personal data processors.

The lawyer compiled a Privacy Policy and Consent to process Personal Data.

legal side of the project

Each member of our team is a professional with many years of experience. We also managed to involve a lawyer who currently works at McKinsey & Company and specializes particularly in personal data.
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