Online library app

MVP release in 2 months

Appearance of the app for reading
About the project:
3 months of developing from scratch
Front-end web development is a visible part of the app. Backend development is a part that allows you to process all user actions in the application.
completed design
The customer had his own designer who did the job in a professional way.
The app was renamed 3 times
Every customer wants to put a special meaning into their product. The initials of the customer fit well into the name of the application. It was called ReadNovels.
“From words to action”. It was nice to get the prototype of the first app screen incredibly fast. I liked iterative development approach tha Morning Stars uses. It helped me see a progress and changes every week. Simple communication format and speed are the qualities I really appreciate.

Ramil Nizamiev

Worked in online marketing with major industry agencies and clients;
Founded several applications to AppStore and Google Play.
One of them – “Daily Horoscope” takes a leading position in the category.
Create an application for reading books on iOS and Android with gamification of reading process.
Main feature of the app is involvement in the process using different gamification mechanics:
Internal currency that can be earned and spent inside the app
Sequential release of new book chapters
The chapter ends in the most intriguing moment
VIP access with privileges and extra ways to earn coins
What we did?
We created this application in just a 3 months: from all the tasks definition until the finish of development. We wrote cross-platform code in progressive Dart language. And resulting app provides the following features:
Built-in currency
users can pay for new chapters and send gifts to the authors paying with Coins
App currency
App currency
Coins can be bought using AppStore or Google Play In-App Purchases.

Also users can get them by completing daily tasks and watching AdMob Rewarded ads.

pay separately for each chapter

Each chapter is purchased for a certain amount of coins and then it becomes available for reading.
App appearance
By default new chapters will open without confirmation if user has enough Coins. Users always can disable it in settings.
App coins

Feature-rich reader

User has ability to change the background color, text size and adjust the brightness of the page. All params saving in session info and will be same on next open.
Feature-rich reader


Fast and native sign-in via Apple, Google, Facebook or Email.
Log in
App for reading

Feature-rich ADMIN PANEL

Admin panel
Admin panel helps manage content of the app on different languages
Integration with DeepL and Google Translate helps pre moderate comments in any language
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