Our expert team first creates an actionable roadmap of how Flutter can excel the project needs.

We then link the latest solutions like AWS and Serverless Framework through each touch point of the project.

And lastly, we aim for the work to inspire our clients and push their ideas on how to develop their product.
Our Innovative Products Start With:
This agency was a great resource for me. Their knowledge working with my product was exceptional and they had some great ideas as to how I could achieve my goals.
— Here’s what one of our dedicated clients has to say about us, they relied on our knowledge and development experience to help them launch their idea into a real product.
App Development
We are an exceptional remote team of developers creating backend serverless architecture and building modern cross platform mobile app.
Business Automation
We are able to automate regular business cost of routine activities. We consolidate multiple business tools into one accessible and easy to use system.
Dedicated Innovation
Our team dedicates time each day to learn new technologies and approaches to create apps more efficiently. This allows us to develop faster.
It was a pleasure working with the Morning Stars team and Iskandar. They were patient and did an outstanding job. Iskandar has great attention to detail and always respond in a timely manner. They are professional, courteous and talented.
— Words of gratitude from a client who appreciated the professionalism of the founder of the agency.
David Medina
CMYK Engineering
" Excellent agency. Great communication, nice clean code, offered a solution where others couldn't."
We are a local agency with connections [a remote team] around the world. Our developers are a very open and creative team. We use the most effective development tools, which reduces the cost of effort and energy.

Our team is diverse and remote but our agency headquarters are in the local west side area of Los Angeles.
Iskandar Bakhtizin
Agency Owner
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